Paradigm Recruitment

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

"To make the very best use of our resources so we can provide new affordable homes and a fair deal for existing residents."

At Paradigm, we provide 15,000 affordable homes for rent and for sale across the South East and London.

Housing is getting more and more expensive, year on year. This means that finding an affordable and secure home is a struggle for an increasing number of households.

Our main goal is to always provide affordable homes to those who need them the most. This could be renting a home at less than the market rate or buying a home as a shared owner where you can’t afford to buy outright.

As a charitable organisation, the surplus we make is ploughed back into building new homes – our Corporate Plan sets out our intention to build 600 new homes a year for rent and sale. Our mission is to help more people have a home they can afford as well as provide support to the communities where we work through the Foundation Committee.

Our recent G1,V1 rating from the Regulator means we meet all governance requirements and have the financial capacity to deal with a wide range of adverse scenarios.

We were particularly praised for our strong financial performance, having a clear focus on health and safety and a grip on value for money.

Our Values

Our values set out the way we work and the behaviours we expect of all our staff. Our values are reflected in everything we do, from recruiting new members of staff to speaking with our customers.